Night Warriors Uniform Contest

We need a lot of new ideas and changes if we want to appeal to the current userbase of Club Penguin. I’m sure, with the great minds we’re graced with in this army, that we can accomplish this with a little bit of brainstorming.

Every troop should try to find a unique, preferably non-member uniform for the Night Warriors to wear. Once you have found one, post it in the comments on this post. Make sure to either include a picture of your penguin wearing the uniform on CP, or just a list of the items.

Be sure the majority of the uniform consists of black. If there’s too much of any other colour, the uniform will be instantly rejected.



4 Responses

    The first one is on the player card and the second one is how it looks waddling around. I know its ugly but i didnt have any other black clothes. They’re not alot of black clothes for non-Members like me


    all non-member items. Just need to play the snow jitsu game to unlcock some of it.

  3. we could have a member and a non member

  4. Full disclosure, I completely forget where these items even came from but they’re not member only so if somebody can find them then we’re set,

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