Editorial: How Great Leaders Inspire Action and How It Can Save Our Community

Fog, Drake’s Igloo – In the CP army community today, you may find that our supply of prominent leaders are substantially declining. In this editorial, I will analyse how leaders of both the real world and cp armies created change and convey to you how this could benefit our seemingly declining community. This is based off a speech from Ted Talks which surprisingly hits close to home with our current epidemic. In fact, it hit so close that I got out of bed at 3:00am in order to compile this post. I have taken the speech and translated it to relate to CP armies in particular.

In modern armies, we generally question the success of others. We talk about the past and all of its glory, leaving it to compare with the present. How do we explain when things don’t go as we assume? Or to further reiterate, how do you explain when others are able to achieve things that defy all assumptions? People wonder how leaders amassed success in armies such as ACP 2009, DW and LT 2014, and so forth. And I guess this is how accusations such as multi-logging and other scandalous activities begin to sprout. The thing is, they are an army just like any other. Armies have had access to the same tools  or whatever was available at the time. In this case, almost all armies have access to a botting script. However, some armies are able to successfully utilize it while others sit back thinking on what they’re doing wrong. Why the varying results?

All great leaders both in the real world and in CP armies follow a particular pattern. They follow this pattern to either sell a product or in armies, gain recruits. It correlates into the “Golden Circle Theory”.

Now let’s define the three terms seen in the picture. Every army knows what they do. They have battles and wars on Club Penguin while recruiting to grow, right? Then comes the next term. Only some armies know how they do it. There are many factors such as managing a site, chat, etc. And last but not least, VERY FEW know why they do what they do. And by why, I don’t mean to get fame and sizes of 100+ because as said above, that would be a result. That is always the result. What I’m getting at here is what is the army’s purpose? Why does the army exist? What makes you get out of bed every morning to manage your army? And why should recruits care to join your army?

To explain this, we’ll use one of the most leading companies in the real world as an example. Apple. Apple is a computer company like any other yet, Apple functions so distinctly that it’s more appealing to others than another computer company selling the same product. The majority of companies use the Golden Circle in the chronological order of What -> How -> Why. Let’s see what would happen if Apple functioned in this order. What: We make great computers. How: It is user friendly with a simple design. Wanna buy one? The consumer at this point would be thinking “meh” and that this doesn’t “feel right.” We can apply this to other products. What: We make good cars. How: Leather seats and a good gas mileage. Wanna buy one? Again, this leaves you pretty skeptical. Now we will reiterate this order into armies. What: Join our Club Penguin Army. How: We’re doing well on CPAC and free memberships. At this point, the troop will probably come for the membership and leave the next day.

Leaders think differently. They challenge concepts and innovate change. Apple reversed the order of the Golden Circle to Why -> How -> What. This is the current Apple. Why: We wanted technology that was simple to use, beautifully designed, and user friendly. How: We just happen to make great computers as well. You see how that order is significantly more appealing? It’s because consumers prioritize belief and would much rather get something that correlates to what they believe in. It’s the same for an army. Why: We want to provide a fun army experience in Club Penguin where you can live through the same glory days we did back when armies were in their prime. How: We just happen to have plenty of other troops who enjoy the army. If a recruit truly feels that he/she is part of something, then you can bet they’ll be more loyal than those who come for a club penguin membership. You can explain the benefits of being in a certain army all you want but if your army doesn’t follow the same goals and beliefs of the majority of your recruits, then you simply won’t grow. This is the mindset of a great leader. Catering to his soldiers, and not himself. Nowadays, we have armies calling out their friends lists and it’s clear they don’t enjoy what they’re doing. I came across an event where the person leading promised the event would be quick and they would only have to log on for a few minutes to do tactics. This is what our game has come to. It’s almost as if events are rushed chores and something that needs to be taken care of.

The goal is not to hire people who want a high rank, but to hire a person who shares the same goals of the army and believes what you believe. If you hire someone for a job, they’ll just work for your money. But if you hire someone who believes in your cause, then they will work blood, sweat, and tears alongside you. Things are better when someone is not only in it for themselves, but for others. This leads on to the ultimate point.

A minimal percent of the community are innovators or those who create change. The majority are adopters. The adopters won’t try something unless someone has already done it. The innovator won’t be afraid to actively search for new methods and things that others have not yet tried. People like Elmikey and Waterkid have discovered autotyping and bot recruiting. They gained fame for being the first ones to discover it. Many just accepted bot recruiting as the standard method for recruiting rather than improving on it or finding new methods. This seems to be a problem with the community. Innovation stops when you aren’t the first one to discover something or don’t get famous off it. The majority will not try something unless someone else has tried it first. The true leaders are those who are comfortable making intuitive changes based on what they believe in. Or in other words, they’re not afraid to try something new. If you don’t agree with bot recruiting, don’t just propose a ban on it. Find something else.

There is a significant difference between a leader and one who leads. There are leaders and then there are those who lead. Leaders just hold a position of power or authority. The one who leads inspire, and innovate. These are the type of leaders that rise their army to dominate the scene. This is why I disagree when a leader is credited with achievements just for being in the army. We tend to follow those who lead not because we have to, but because we want to. And this is why those who start with a purpose or “why” in the golden circle have the ability to inspire others around them.

The first positive step in a while has been the recent coalitions meeting that took place. Armies also need to realize that sitting back waiting for troops to come to them is simply not going to work. What’s worse is that those armies are dragging down the successful ones with them by accusing them of multi-logging, etc. Hopefully, we are able to make more innovators to compensate for the ones that have moved on from this community. We have already come up with new ideas and have progressed further in an army-wide meeting than previous generations. Those who keep rambling on about how armies are dead are the ones not doing anything. We must be better than that. In some ways, the great decline can be considered positive since it has brought the community closer. And the sooner we can act upon new ideas, the longer we can preserve the treasured community that we have built over many years. Thanks for reading.

Note: made this at midnight so I can guarantee you there will be errors. let’s look past that and use this opportunity to discuss in the comments.



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