Message To Owners

I’ve noticed that owners seem to be slacking off a lot with the exception of about three who work really hard. If owners don’t get more active and fulfill their duties then they’ll be demoted, if we want to succeed we need everyone to give a 110% and right now it seems the majority of owners are giving about 60%. Here are the duties that an owner must perform:

  1. Be active, owners must be on chat and not just for an hour before and after an event. If I don’t see more activity, then people are going to be demoted.
  2. Owners must welcome recruits on chat and Moderators as well. Welcome recruits and explain CP Armies to them, make sure they come onto chat again.
  3. Owners must start hyping before events. I want to see owners calling their friends, constantly saying how long is left and getting everyone motivated to log on and give their all.
  4. Try and keep chat active, so it’s an active chat and not boring otherwise people will leave and not come back.
  5. Don’t get in fights, I’ve seen this happen a couple of times, but we’re all in this together. We all care about Night Warriors, so we all need to stop bickering and work together to make sure we reach the top.



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