Age of Titans

Night Warriors are the Titans of Club Penguin Armies. In Greek mythology, the Titans were the most powerful beings in the world. We are the most powerful army and will conquer every nation, every server and every army. Commanders and Owners can put “Titan” before their name like “Titan Verum”. 

Here Comes The Titan Age


4 Responses

  1. But the Titans were thrown down from there throne by Kronos (Toy) sons. The sons represent the DW. And the DW became the Gods. And we rule for ever.

    • You’re actually autistic kid. DW failed after Toy left. DW never saw anything past 20 except when Cargo and I led them to 40. DW is Toy, Silv, Freezie and Drake. DW has never succeeded without them.

  2. yea but in greek mythology the titans got overthrone

  3. by a huge beast created by hades himself :@

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