Trader, your genius (isn’t) showing

I can’t tell if he’s just baiting or if he’s an actual idiot, but this guy showed that he isn’t to be taken seriously when he tried claiming that Drake and I cheat. He’s very delusional, and like many others who are very envious of NW, he’s grieving over the fact NW will always be better than any army he partakes in.


You are in denial. This is normal, Trader, you are just experiencing the first stage in the process. Let’s progress you to the next stage, shall we?

The event that you were claiming was severely cheated on was a recruiting event. During recruiting events, you log onto a server with the near maximum amount of penguins allowed on a single server. With the help of our intelligence, we were able to use robots developed by NW scientists (remember, the one you gave me money for) and place one in every room telling them to enter the Ice Berg. As expected, the plan worked and nearly 60 penguins were able to easily come to the Ice Berg, where we can make everyone change to black. NW is the best because even on bad days we can start from 10 and end up with 60+.


Slowly going down due to IP bans, but that will change soon lol



^^ Proof, which likely won’t be acknowledged because most of them are in an everlasting state of denial. ^^

There are the good and the bad, and we are the good. We don’t cheat, and you are surprised because you could never imagine getting as big as NW without cheating. That is because you are so habitual with the cheating agenda that it will never go away unless you take action.

What have we learned today, NW? In all aspects of life, in anything you do there will be somebody who will try to make you think you’re doing something wrong or you’re doing everything wrong. Don’t listen to them; they envy you and their only goal is to make you fall under them. They are choosing the wrong path. We can either choose to build the tallest building in the city, or tear down all of the ones that are taller than ours. Those against us always resort to try tearing us down, because they know they will never be as great as us.


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