recruiting lines

NW leaders: This is for CPAC. Move along and don’t comment.

This is up for discussion. RPF is under suspicion for multilogging.

Many P2 penguins.


Why are many of the troops in this event still at the rank of private after several battles?  And why are they wearing generic item added clothes?





Some of these penguins are not even on the ranks. Note that some of these penguins may be real but it is highly suspicious.


Elmikey’s style of leading is pretty standard. After attending one battle, the private is promoted. I know this because this is how you get troops to stay. These penguins however, attend several events and remain at private. The penguins suspected are also wearing generic item added clothes. This is odd as you would think an avid club penguin player would have more options before joining an army. Silver is also known for a pic in which he says to clout that he doesn’t mind if she multilogs since supposedly “everyone does it.” While that pic isn’t concrete due to the lack of id, we know he said it and he doesn’t deny it. I also attempted to point out a multilog when attending one of their events back in the past. “Kakashi yay” who no one knew on RPF, did not show on chat, and was linked to Silver’s obsession to Naruto at the time. Silver responded with “don’t even try” and we passed it off as a joke.

Lorenzo’s take on things;

“Here’s the thing about multilogging which I believe in the end, is the issue. If an army can’t prove their troops are real, then they are definitely multilogging. Because when they get called out, they don’t even attempt to prove that the penguins in questions are real troops. They just say “thats not evidence LOL”

Let’s see Silver’s response.

Rather than answering the question, he avoids it and asks for the evidence. As I begin listing penguins, he offers that one of them may be multilogging and shifts any blame and suspicion from believing that the RPF leaders are multilogging. If found out for multilogging, better for a fake person to take the hit rather than themselves, correct?

Silver then attempts to gain more information on what I know so he can respond accordingly. I don’t answer further so he doesn’t get more of a lead on if I have concrete proof or not.


Many p2 penguins who do not show up on chat and happen to know tactics and getting in perfect formation.

Silver not knowing his own recruits when most army leaders would know all of their troops within a week.

Many troops still at the rank of private despite attending many many battles.

It would not surprise me if they do multilog. Before Silver joined, the RPF owners had consistent sizes of 12-15. This is because they scarcely recruited and to this day, they still scarcely recruit. RPF is definitely under suspicion and by scrolling through their site, examining one picture, as I did with many other armies who I revealed were multilogging, I was able to get a good idea on the behaviors of multiloggers. This is the reason why many great leaders have left instead of investing into this community. There will always be cheaters.



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  1. […] Kakashi Yay is again someone who no one knows, and who appeared in RPF last July, and disappeared shortly after. I remember speaking to Kakashi Yay last July, and I remember him acting a lot like Silverburg. He certainly did not act like a new recruit. According to Drake from NW, Kakashi Yay could be linked to Silverburg’s obsession with Naruto. What I think happened is that Drake saw Kakashi Yay logged on cp at one of RPF’s events, but didn’t see him on chat. Suspecting he was a multilog, Drake pointed this out to Silverburg, who then attempted to cover up his multilogging by pretending to be Kakashi Yay on chat. Drake briefly discusses Kakashi Yay in this post. […]

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