Official Statement Regarding Shutdown


NW isn’t going anywhere. Do you remember December 2015, when I shutdown DW for the exact reason why SH and BMX decided to do the same with NW? People called me insane, people called me power hungry, but really, there’s no fun involved when nobody is trying and when being at the top is a part of the past. For this I understand why BMX & SH did what they did,  but there’s seriously no reason to go anywhere. I guarantee to everyone in NW, if you work hard enough it will inevitably pay off in the end. This applies anywhere in life, and it sure will apply in armies, I’ve experienced it many times myself. I have provided you everything you need to know in order to keep an army at the top, and it’s mandatory you utilize everything I’ve said and given you if you want to accomplish that. There’s no reason to put NW to rest when nobody has even bothered to fully try yet.

Let it be what it is, however; part of the past. Here is your chance to begin anew, and I am trusting you all wholeheartedly with what I have given you. Don’t waste your chance, don’t waste your time.

The shutdown of NW never occurred because it never received confirmation from Drake or I, which renders it as invalid. Everything is now restored to how it should be.


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  1. […] Following this post, XxToySoldier made a statement on the website regarding the current shutdown state. It was mosly a motivational post. An excerpt of his post may be found below. For the full post, please click here. […]

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