Fog and Frosty back home – New Brother Allies

Teutons have decided to return Fog and Frosty back to Dark Warriors. Along with this, they have also agreed to be out new brother allies. Screenshot_16

~Flen, Dark Warriors Leader


Dark Warriors are not dead

Dark Warriors are not dead

We’re busy handling other things. Events will starts soon, so don’t worry!

Burn the Light


DW Activity levels

comment below if you are still in the army or active on chat

Event 8/23/2016

Tried to have an event but we were bot raided…

this guy tried to add us


chat’s so dead I went and got the radio power lol.

where are you all

  • where are you all

Invasion of Ice Breaker

We logged on to Invade Ice breaker, there was nobody there to defend, so easy victory