Penguin Makers

Hey DW,

I just wanted to let all the troops know a great oppertunity to get promoted and get stuff like xats and powers.

If you are willing to make at least 5 penguins per day keep reading.

Comment below with the following if you are interested

1.What is your name you go by?

2.What rank are you?

3.What time zone are you?

4. Do you like cookies or pie better?


CwQ8c3Q - Imgur







2 Responses

  1. 1.olimad3/pokemon1986

    and we cant make 5 penguins a day
    to do tht we woud need to make a new email address per day its max 5 penguins per emal

  2. 1. Ataliva
    2. Idk man you never told me yet haha
    3. GMT+8
    4. Why not both?

    **Tbh I don’t really need a promotion or xats. I just want to contribute haha btw pc me for rec pengs anytime

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