@BlueTroopsofCP Learn how to make an army


Some multi-logging fools that go by the name  “Blue Troops of CP” decided to invade DW  to get some servers. If you look back at DW’s returning event, they were raiding us. Well, if you went on their chat during the event they had 2 people on the chat and 5 on cp. I wonder how. Now I get pcs whenever I see the leader “kys”. Thanks for the advice!

In like 4 hours Tiger Warriors of CP are invading the server FOG from DW. Valid. And then I get notice BT plan to raid. LOL. If you don’t know, raiding is really useless because you don’t even get the server.

Next time when you make an army actually make it an army. Use a chat bg, don’t multilog, and remember to register in cpa. Since you forgot to register you can’t invade an army.

Hahaha kys BT

If you want to mess with DW then put up a fight.

DW remember to attend,hype and prepare for upcoming events.


CwQ8c3Q - Imgur






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