Hello Dark Warriors!! This is my first post and I’m making this in order to talk about an ongoing issue, Mods and Owners cussing.

I expect every Moderator, and every Owner of this army, to read this, and learn something from this, and even members should read this post. Click read more to continue reading.

As you can see from the title, I’m making this post to address an ongoing issue, which is, that the Moderators and Owners have started cussing and  don’t even care about it.

For the starting, why are there Moderators and Owners? There are Moderators and Owners so that the chat can be stable, the moderators and the owners have the power to ban and kick people, not to abuse their power, but instead to use their power to take action against someone who is cussing/saying inappropriate things. But unfortunately, ours Mods and Owners say bad things on the chat by themselves, you might have seen it, and you might have done it by yourself, I ask you this question now, what makes you fit for the job of mod or owner if you cuss by yourself? In case you do that, you break the trust of those who promoted or gave you this rank, because they surely didn’t give you this rank to do something as disgraceful as that. Remember one thing, you are beloved to us, because it is the mods and owners who are the most experienced, know how to do things, help make this army stable and work hard for it, we surely wouldn’t expect someone beloved to us, someone who we trust to do something which is the opposite of what they’re expected to do, you are expected to guard the chat and you contaminate it with your words by yourself, what’s the use of your power then? Are we idiots here that we trust the Mods and Owners to take care of the chat? To guide the troops? To be kind and good to them? In case you are one of these moderators or owners who cuss or say inappropriate things on the chat, I don’t want you to come out, I want you to learn that this is NOT right. You are a role model to our troops, and we care about you. And if you leave this path of taking advantage when no senior is there and start cussing, then indeed, you will be even more beloved, better and fit for your job. If you do not agree, and you want to cuss or say inappropriate things on the chat, then please tell someone to unmod or unowner you, because you are a disgrace to the powers you’ve been given. And members, even though you don’t have the powers of mods or owners, you will get it one day if you prove that you are fit for these powers. Even though I made this post for mods and owners, I expect you, the members to learn from it and make sure you don’t do something like cussing or saying inappropriate things, if you are loyal and if you make sure you don’t say bad words on the chat, then one day even you’d have these powers!!!

This is it for now, make sure to prepare for the upcoming events and I hope everyone learns something from this post.

                                                      BURN THE LIGHT!,

Haider 67


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