[DWNC – CP Blog] YOU DECIDE: Music Jam Themed Items


Frosty, DWNC Flens Table – Club Penguin wants you penguin to help them decide the Music Jam 2016 Items. Click read more to know more HA!

*NOTE: apologies for  late post, I was locked out of my WordPress ID!*

Club Penguin, on 18th August posted a new news on their blog. The content was as followed:

Hi penguins,

If you could rock out with The Penguin Band, what would you wear? I’ve thought about this question A LOT and I’d want a bunch of Music Jam items.

What do you think of this: The Thrift Shop Style outfit with Green Headphones. Around my neck, I’d have the Music Cruise Pass. Most importantly, I’d have the Girl Next Door Guitar.

Pretty cool, right? Now I just have to learn to PLAY all of The Penguin Band songs…

If you could wear swag from past Music Jams, or even create a new item, what would you choose? Let me know in the comments and jam on, penguin friends!

–Club Penguin Team

What item would you like to see in Music Jam 2016? Let us know in the comments below or Click Here to visit the official post on CP blog.



One Response

  1. I would wear a headset with the VIP Studio tag on my neck while holding the official DW guitar. I would wear the Light up music shirt and some random shoes. Lol.

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