To The Army Community

When you see that it takes only sizes of twenty to get first place on CPAC; and nearly ten for second: I think it’s safe to say it’s time to call it quits.

This is no “September Drop”. (take a look at any top ten around this time in recent years). People are settled in school, and choose to not participate in this community for a reason. While we are outgrowing Club Penguin, the young populous that was destined to replace us is no longer here. Club Penguin isn’t a game that appeals to kids anymore. I recently read on a new CPAC post that a reporter was questioning why Disney had decided to drop many of its employees, causing the loss of many moderators and people who were working on CP for many years. They did not drop them for “Project Super Secret”, they dropped them simply because CP doesn’t attract as much traffic as it used to and as a result they are losing money, rapidly. Project Super Secret will either be the shut down of CP altogether, or an updated 3D version that will just spike the views of CP’s website for a few months, then once they begin realizing nobody likes the concept of the game anymore they will shut down because they are realizing it’s just a loss of money, energy, time, and motivation.

We are no different. For three years death has been knocking on our door, and we have all managed to avoid it until now. There are still many leaders who are working just as hard as we would see leaders work in 2014-2015, but they are achieving nowhere near the same results they would have had. Save yourselves the energy, time, and motivation. Even writing this post makes me suffer, because I realize that somewhere inside me still feels something for the community which I abandoned. But do not let this feeling come to you, because before you know it Club Penguin will be the one which abandons us. Our community is literally twisted and tangled with multilogging scandals after scandal after scandal. New CPAC top tens are the old SMAC ones.

Please, do the right thing. End it all before you all become ended. It would be much preferred this community dies unified and with honor than with a screen that says “Sorry, we’ve closed” on Club Penguin’s website. Whichever path is chosen, just remember there is 100% another place you can be placing your energy & time into. None of you actually enjoy doing this, especially in the current state of the community.

Yes, I am asking for you all to commit suicide en masse. It’s for the reason why I didn’t let DW live on its own while I was gone, and for the same reason why I was itching to close down NW similarly.

Do yourselves a favor and put and end to the legacy which we have created before this legacy unexpectedly ends us.