Return Of The Night Warriors

You read the title right the Night Warriors are returning.

We are back once again to take over once again.

I’m SH, former NW leader. I led in the latest gen of NW which was brought back by Xxtoysoldier and Drake. After Toy and Drake retired I was promoted to lead alongside BMX. I’ve lead in other armies like NR and DW for a little while, but NW is my home. This is the army where I started my career and where I want to end it. The Night Warriors are one of the greatest armies to live and they are officially back. Four other people are leading alongside me. You have probably already heard of them as they are well known around the community.





You might be asking if this era will be motivated. Earlier this year, Toy merged NW into DW, and after that Tomb told me if I ever wanted to bring back NW I could. Site will be updated from DW themed to NW. A hiring post will be out soon for anyone that wants to join. Chat will be reset soon after this post is released.

We will be returning on December 30th

Might of the Night!

Expect more of this


NW had to wear blue because both armies in the battle were black. (NW and RPF)



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  1. Might Of The Night.

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