Return Of The Kings

All these people are crying about how this community is dying, and about how it’s impossible to save  it. These people have always been around, telling us how everything is bad, how every army is multilogging. They’re the haters who have always driven us, but they’ve never spoken the truth. Look at these guys careers, do you see greatness, or see people who have spent 4 years just complaining? Look, we’re not here to claim we’re going to save this community, or that we’re going to rescue it from a pit of despair. We’re not a bunch of Social Justice Warriors who want to accuse every army who’s great at multilogging. We just want to be the greatest until the end and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. This is the last ride, the last time we will have a chance to do something like this.

So I’m speaking to YOU, the people who are sitting here wondering when this community is going to die, to join us in our last ride because we’re not going to go out silently. We will go out with a bang. We’re just going to do our own thing.

All these false prophets claim they know the answer and they’re the greatest around, but just shut up man. The greatest are back, the Night Warriors are back and



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