A Call To The Community, Our Last Hope

*I GREATLY urge you to read this post in its entirety.

I propose to you a solution to the various flaws in the current Legends Committee. And yes, devised by a leader. Not a CEO, not a current legend, nor someone affiliated with the media. The following is a collaborative effort by Drake and I.

First off, allow me to address the current flaws of our system. Our Legends Committee consists of people who work at CPAC, and people who have received a Legends Status. (CPAC essentially chooses who is on the committee, and there’s only so many people to choose from) The first question that should be pondered is how the first legend was inducted in the first place. Logically, it must have been done by popularity, as there were no preexisting “legends”. Therefore, a chain reaction has begun based on a precedent. Whether you know it or not, each legend cycle is just the same committee voting on who they have connections with: over and over. Many, if not most of the legends who are on the committee have been greatly out of touch with the current state of armies. They rely on a very limited description written by CPAC members (provided they don’t already recognize someone on the list), and if you’re a candidate who has no connections with anyone from the committee, will you trust the half-assed description representing you to earn their vote? For example, the most recent CPA Legends inducted are West, Tax1, and Jester. All three of which happen to have a background in the Doritos Army. West, Tax, AND Jester all happened to get the exact same amount of votes. Who’s to say that these votes aren’t from the same exact people? It’s very clear that West/Tax/Jester aren’t legendary (, yet they have just won a legend status based on popularity and connections established with the committee. (I’m not cutting back on feelings here, I think everyone needs a cold dish of reality.)

Another key topic to address is the Legends Committee’s transparency. Voters can optionally opt to be fully anonymous.

We have no idea who those two people were, and most likely never will. They could be absolutely anyone in the community, and we wouldn’t be able to hold them accountable should they not be qualified to be a voter in the first place. Why should someone be able to be so confident in their opinion that someone should be a legend, yet not be confident enough to publicly stand by that opinion?

Another issue we don’t realize is that the community’s vote has little to no voice, and it is entirely based on a Committee rounded up at the last minute by CPAC. Someone with the popular vote can still be denied by the majority of the Legends Committee. Is this what we call an accurate representation of a community legend? When a candidate gets the support of a majority of the community, they are still bombarded with ‘no’ votes from the Committee. Why are we starting to question legends of their status when it should be affirmative that they belong in the great hall of fame? There certainly needs to be qualifications or precedent standards for both legend and those voting on the committee, yet it hasn’t been done.


The Proposal


It’s evident the Legends Committee needs to be scrapped after years of flaws & corruption. The Committee should hereby be replaced by an Assembly; which consists of a relatively small amount of trusted individuals; ones who definitely do not have active or questionable contact with any nominees, and are the absolute least likely to be biased. The Legends Assembly will instead rule decisions as a group for each individual. Essentially, a small group of people who are trustworthy, non-bias, active, willing to help the CPA community, and attempt to keep updated with what is happening. Unlike the Legends Committee, the Legends Assembly will make group decisions for who will be a candidate, and who receives the Legend Status itself.

Regarding the community, they will still vote for their respective candidates, as usual. However the voter must provide a brief description explaining why they are voting for who they are voting, and why that individual deserves a Legend Status. This is in order to sway or at least give insight about Legend Candidates to the Assembly, should they not have any information prior. The candidate who wins the most votes will be extensively reviewed by the Assembly. A new decision can then be ruled by the Assembly if the candidate has not already been inducted.

How will we choose who makes up the Legends Assembly? Our Legends Assembly will consist of 9 judges who meet certain qualifications decided by the community. Such qualifications can be without a question; fit to judge, neutral, in touch with the current year, x amount of experience, etc. These qualifications will be brought up for decision in the next community meeting. The Legends Assembly will also be modeled similarly to that of the Supreme Court of the United States consisting of 9 justices. An important thing to note is that the assembly will not be chosen by media, but by the army community as a whole.

Unlike the Legends Committee, the Legends Assembly will come to a consensus as a group on one decision for who will be a candidate, and who receives a Legend Status.

In order to nominate a Legends candidate, the name being brought up to the Assembly will first have to be confirmed by the Assembly to meet the set standards required of a legend. Secondly after confirming that the individual has met those standards, they must vote unanimously (9/9) for the individual to be officially nominated. If the Legends Assembly cannot meet a unanimous consent, then a vote will take place where a majority of 5/9 votes must be reached. The “set standards required for a legend” will be brought up for discussion in the next community meeting but examples include: If a nominee has at least three offenses in the category of cheating (multilogging, nulling), bot raiding, or hacking (doxing or ddosing, defacing), then they automatically are unable to qualify as a candidate. As soon as the Assembly is initiated, all members of the CPA community will start with a clean slate. From then on, it’s up to them to decide if they are serious about becoming a legend, because once three offenses are made, they are illegible to be candidate forever, thus providing an incentive for people who previously believed that they could just get a slap on the wrist for doing things that tarnish our community.

These three people inducted right now; West, Tax, Jester: They are your future of the “Committee” should things proceed to stay the same. They are in control of who may get legend in the future. If you didn’t notice, it’s a chain reaction, and it has been for years. For years people have been crying for change but never inventing it. For years, the CPAC CEO’s have rejected change, and refused to instigate it. I have confidence in the new generation, because this time we’re all aware it’s our last shot. We’re all in this thing together. Don’t let the very thing we’ve built for years collapse into oblivion.


The Community Meeting

Here’s where you, the community, comes in. This meeting needs to happen, and it needs to happen fast. I strongly propose that we have our meeting as soon as Saturday, the 31st. We have no more time to waste. Spread this like wildfire. Make change happen. From here on, it’s up to us to bring change. Saturday, the 31st. Be there.

The Army Summit


Saturday, December 31st


9:00 PM EST

 8:00 PM CST

 7:00 PM MST

 6:00 PM PST

 2:00 PM UK/GMT


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