Do not comment on CPAC’s website until further notice. Their website has shady people added as editors, authors, and possibly even admins for all we know. After I left a comment regarding the possible corruption in the legends inductions process, I was almost immediately hit offline for no apparent reason. I could not load any web pages whatsoever, and I could not load into my router’s homepage. I waited around ten minutes until it loaded, which it was gradually doing the entire time, until I could successfully change my IP address and regain Internet access.

Coincidentally, this was the first time I have commented on CPAC with an unprotected IP in over a year… and the first time I have been hit offline in around a year.


Right click and open the image in a new tab. Take note of the time.



Notice the time which the comment was posted and my router reports UDP packets

Now, here’s proof I was actually offline:


It’s sad. This is all very sad. Until CPAC rakes out its malicious editors, I once again highly advise you do not comment on any of their posts.

See you on the battlefield.


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