The First Of Many. [RESULTS]


What can I say? Damage was dealt, considering it was our first battle. Here’s some things I want us to improve on; Logging in faster. It took us a while to get everyone on, but once everyone did get on, we had a lot. Make sure you login EXACTLY when a leader says to. Doing Tactics. Tactics are the emotions we do, the phrases we say, or the rooms we go to. Listen to your Commanders on the chatbox/HQ, you should know who they are by visiting the ranks page. Being more helpful! It’s really helpful to help someone command a tactic. If, for example, I tell everyone to do E+9, that should be your queue to say in the chat “Do E+9!” as well. Following these rules will give you a much better shot at a promotion.

For now, let’s celebrate our invasion of Frosty. Times for our next event will be posted on the website shortly. – Xxtoysoldier









(more came on, this was 5 minutes before the event)

Comment if you were there!


5 Responses

  1. We may not have won at tactics, but at least this will help us to become bette and greater. However, on the other side, FROSTY IS OURS!!! GOOD JOB NW!!

  2. I was there.

  3. I was there as Ssundee9876

  4. I came! NW is back at its best!!

  5. Great event 😀

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