We’re going to rebuild our website and come up with new revolutionary ideas that could effect armies as a whole. Our entire ownership and modship will be remade, prepare for the changes.

Events will be posted later in the week.


New Computer

I went to the store yesterday and bought a HOT new computer, check it out:


I can get 60 FPS in solitaire and on Club Penguin, so army leaders beware; I’m coming in strong with my lagless CP experience

Salute To The USA’s New President [NWNC]

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Successful Voyage [EVENT RESULTS]

We did a good job of spreading the word about NW on







Hello NW!

Toy Edit: This was my first time actually having fun on CP in a long time. We all had fun, and it was really surprising to see how many people joined in. We’ll be using a lot from now on.

Today, NW made history by beating the constant bot raids on our empire by Sharktank/Chip and holding a successful event on Two bots showed up to try and combat us but we completely destroyed them and conquered the server successfully. Chip boasts about how great RPF is and claims that “NW can’t get 30” yet RPF can’t even hold events because they’re afraid of bots LOL. NW > RPF 100% gg chip you’re frail


HMU Lily



I’m Just Saying

Update: Not even FIVE MINUTES after this post was released, Chip rushed online and started whining about how he’d prove Sharktank isn’t him. BE MORE OBVIOUS.

Badboy: You know what I find VERY interesting? That in every single army (INCLUDING RPF) that I’ve led over the past year, Sharktank has magically showed up with his pal “Joffrey” and consistently raided my armies while trying to “expose” me for multilogging. Not to mention the fact that after I was done leading IW, “Joffrey” tried to get Trader and I banned from CPA so we could stop joining armies who would be top contenders. Everywhere I led over the summer, (RPF/IW), we got raided by Sharktank. Want to know why? Because we were the only armies who gave WV competition. Guess who was in WV, Chip! Now I had a nice conversation with Sharktank yesterday where he said hes raiding NW because of me and suspects that I’m multilogging, which was the same thing he told me when I asked him why he was raiding RPF and IW. Now because NW returned and I’m leading it, Chip knows we’re the only ones who can contend with RPF so hes raiding us to prevent us from rising. You may be wondering why Sharktank didn’t raid DCP the last month after Mustapha was couped. That’s ONLY because Chip is friends with 13yearoldn00b and even convinced him to coup me from DCP, so the bot raiding wasn’t needed for him to get what he wanted. So today Sharktank claimed that he “knows Chip and Jack” (Jack was also in WV) and that he hates NW and loves RPF, yet he didn’t seem to love RPF when he raided us over the summer when I led to keep us from competing with WV?? Wat? Exposed.


Sharktank asking why PR raids CP? Is there such thing as a hypocrisy scale?


Yeah. I’m not trying to be a conspirator or anything, but that’s basically exactly what I would say if I were in a situation like this. Those first two lines.


After I gain suspicion, I try to incite the raiders with RPF. Sharktank jumps in, however, and says to keep our eyes on NW


After he says this, I said “ok chip”, and then deleted it five seconds later. After he read it, he began typing (discord lets you know when people type), and then changed his mind and didn’t send any messages. This made the whole thing 10x more obvious

After this is said, he logs out of Discord.