Happy New Year!

Hello Night Warriors and Happy New Year!

And so, another year begins, and another chapter of CP warfare kicks off. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and a great new year, but now its time to get back to work. Almost a year ago, ironically, Toy & Drake reopened this legendary army with their eyes set on making in the best they could be. NW didn’t falter, reaching milestone sizes, hitting 1st on CPAC’s top ten on numerous occasions, and defeating armies like the Light Troops in battle. However, this year, the Night Warriors will not close down, we will continue through the entire year and stay more consistent than any other army around.

I’ve had quite an interesting 2016, had ups and downs, but I’m glad Toy & Drake have given me the chance to lead NW, because there is something very special here. While I can’t say 2016 was perfect for me, I did do my best and did make the most of every opportunity I was given. For example, I am person of the year 2016. What does this title mean to me? Well, it means I have had a huge influence in this community, and everywhere I go I bring something different to the table and it usually results in success. I can’t promise NW will be reaching 100+ under me and 1st every week, but can I help keep us a consistent & top contending army? You bet I can. Like 2016 could have been, 2017 will be NW’s year, and we will show everyone what we are capable of.

~Bad, Night Warriors Leader


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