Night Warrior Weekly Poll: Best Star Wars Film?

Hey Night Warriors!

Recently I have been given permission to run a weekly poll series asking the troops different questions ranging from favorite films, to club penguin parties and most hated enemies etc. I hope this series will be a success and encourage high levels of participation. Read on to find out more about this weekly poll series…

The way you guys can influence this is by commenting below for what you next want to see on the Night Warriors website. You will receive credit on site for your suggestion if chosen!

This week’s poll is asking what your favorite star wars film is. There are currently 8 (if you count the recent Rogue One film) and there is a range of opinions. Do you prefer the original films? Do you like the prequels better? What about the most recent Star Wars episodes? Here is your chance to vote for what you think the best Star Wars film is and it will become the official favorite Star Wars film of the Night Warriors Army.

Make sure to make a suggestion for next Wednesday’s edition of Night Warriors’ Weekly Polls in the comments below!

Image result for anakin killing younglings gif

Lord Brigade

NW Second In Command


4 Responses

  1. Troop of the Month plz!

  2. I don’t know actually, nice post though

  3. do which sport is the best next time

    • or which football team is the best

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