Night Warriors Recruiting [SUCCESSFUL]

Toy Edit: Great job! We have a massive battle on Saturday, and we’re going to need to recruit daily for us to be able to maintain these sizes. I’ll look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.

Hello NW!

Today we held an event on the server Ice Berg to recruit new soldiers in to the army, and it was a huge success! Many people were interested and some even found our chat. We successfully got recruits from four rooms and got them to do our tactics and join in on our formations.

We maxed 40.


As soon as it ended






Comment if you came!


14 Responses

  1. well done

  2. I came!

  3. I came, and we absolutely conquered..

  4. T H E R E I S A S A L E A T W A L M A R T

  5. Yep

  6. I came. Great Recruiting Event. Might Of The Night!

  7. Who else is going to the sale at walmart?

  8. photo credits

  9. i was there pervy sage

  10. I hyped and made dinner! woo hoo

  11. Nicely done

  12. i came and it was a great night im impressed

  13. I came and hope we become the best army 🙂

  14. I came 😉

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