Call To All Night Warriors


We’ve been doing an absolutely fantastic job since our reopening, and I cannot thank you all enough. However, it’s mandatory that we allocate all of our efforts into our recruiting regiment, because we’ve got a load of work left to do. There’s no doubt that we’re going to be 1st on the top ten this week, take my word for it. But this generation, we need to make sure that our Empire will last. So, all Night Warriors are required to be recruiting full force, while the leaders prepare to march onto the battlefield and give orders.


We will log on Fog, and firstly gather at the Ice Berg. Once we have enough Night Warriors stationed, we will begin our infiltration of enemy lines. Be sure you’re wearing black on Club Penguin, and be sure you’re on our HQ (chat) for any orders that may be given. Promotions are going to be given out to the troops which follow orders in the swiftest way possible, and carry them out with no hesitation. Be there. It will be massive, it will be legendary. Saturday. I look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield.


Times: 4:00 PM EST, 3:00 PM CST, 2:00 PM MST, 1:00 PM PST, 9:00 PM GMT


thank you soph for proofreading

One Response

  1. I’ll be there.
    (thank you soph for proofreading ^.^)

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