NW Anti-Cowardice Squadrant

Enemies beware.

Recently, nearly EVERY army NW has faced, has ended up logging out before we even began to battle. Every single army. How can you stand this? How can leaders not feel absolutely humiliated after these defeats, yet always end up trying to satisfy their egos at the end of the day?

It’s time to stop being a coward. The leaders who belittle themselves on the battlefield, force their fun-seeking troops offline because they themselves are afraid of a loss on the scoreboard: they will be stopped. You’re all forgetting the main idea: We’re here to have fun, to have fun while being the best. There’s no having fun or being the best when you surrender before you’ve even gotten a chance to fight the enemy.

This is the official ultimatum. If you’re a commander, you should be able to say something and stand by it. Do not say you’re going to “battle” the Night Warriors, or anyone for that matter, and then demand the entirety of your infantry to retreat. Even if defeat is imminent, march into certain doom. Have pride and march your army into defeat, don’t run away.

Challenge me, and you will be putting your entire nation at risk.


4 Responses

  1. They just scared to face our power!


  3. they know they’ll always lose.

  4. other armies smol

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