Owner/Mod Test (Comment)

If you are a mod or owner, then comment on this post. If you don’t within 24 hours, you’ll be demoted.

So, this means, Clade, BMX, Zach, Mikester, Shad, Atticus, Gavin, Mcfreezer, Matthew, Dawix, Silent, Nike, Emperor, Kingdedede, Linux, Robobot, Sonic, Shep, Quinn, Pervy, Vchutt, and Ssundee need to comment.

I hope you comply.


15 Responses

  1. where the comments at, bruh

    • was posted at around 11 pm PST, let’s see if they see it in the morning

  2. Thanks for telling me sooner.

  3. I recently joined, Hi!

  4. Hello

  5. hi thanks for the info

  6. Im alive

  7. Just seen this

  8. You forgot emperor

  9. ayy lamo my computer has been on for 4 days

  10. hey

  11. hi

  12. i am a moderator and i would like to retain my rank thanks

  13. Hello

  14. kingdedede mine was non for 5 days

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