Introducing Night Warriors News Central – NWNC


NWNC Inc, FOG – We here at Night Warriors try to bring the best news to our troops. The leaders and owners have officially come to the decision to bring back Night Warriors News Central. Click “Read More” to know more about NWNC!

Night Warriors News Central

Night Warriors News Central will have daily updates about Club Penguin, Weekly Polls, Troop of the Month and lastly, Leader of the Month. I will explain these things down below:

  1. Club Penguin Updates: This section will bring new updates and news from Club Penguin. Everything happening around Club Penguin will be found under this section!
  2. Weekly Polls: Under this section, NWNC staff will be holding polls. In these polls, we will be asking our viewers (troops) some questions and on every Sunday, we will be announcing the results of the poll.
  3. Troop of the Month: Every month the leaders/owners of NW will be electing the Troop of the Month. The first troop of the month will be named on February 1st.
  4. Leader of the Month: Under this section, the troops of NW will be electing the best leader of the month. Oh well, it will surely be fought between the leaders but it will be fun to watch!

We hope that you will be enjoying this news project that Night Warriors Staff came up with. Below are the ranks of NWNC Staff:

  • Cheif Executive Officer: Toy, Taco, Badboy
  • Executive Producer: SH
  • Editor-In-Cheif: Flen & BMX
  • Reporters: [VACANT] Now Hiring!

If you would like to join NWNC, contact one of our CEO’s and talk to them about it. We’ll be more than happy to hire you!

The Doctor

Night Warriors News Central  –  Editor In Cheif


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  1. flen is a hopper!

    • ok pedo

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