NWNC – BREAKING NEWS: Club Penguin Island Geo-Beta: Now Available In Canada!


NWNC Inc, FOG – Club Penguin has finally released Club Penguin Island Geo-Beta in Canada. All of us were waiting for this, but now the wait is over! The BETA version if available in both Android Version and iOS version. Click read more to find out how!

Exciting news for our Canadian penguin pals!

To make sure Club Penguin Island is ready for our worldwide release, we’re expanding the geo-beta testing to iOS mobile devices in Canada. Sounds great, eh? 😉

SO, if you are in Australia, New Zealand or Canada (iOS only for now), you can download the app here:

  • Android (AUS and NZ only)
  • iOS (AUS, NZ, and CANADA!)

For penguins in other regions, please hang on tight! We’ll be announcing our worldwide release date for select territories soon. 😀

And, penguins in select territories can still pre-register HERE


This report was brought to you by:

The Doctor

Night Warriors News Central  –  Editor In Cheif


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