Hello NW!

Toy Edit: This was my first time actually having fun on CP in a long time. We all had fun, and it was really surprising to see how many people joined in. We’ll be using a lot from now on.

Today, NW made history by beating the constant bot raids on our empire by Sharktank/Chip and holding a successful event on Two bots showed up to try and combat us but we completely destroyed them and conquered the server successfully. Chip boasts about how great RPF is and claims that “NW can’t get 30” yet RPF can’t even hold events because they’re afraid of bots LOL. NW > RPF 100% gg chip you’re frail


HMU Lily




7 Responses

  1. GG

  2. i was ther boi vchutt12

  3. I came

  4. i came.

  5. awesome event

  6. gg

  7. that was fun

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