My Retirement From NW

Hello there.

With the end of Club Penguin, and armies as we know it, upon us, I figured I would like to spend it elsewhere either in a former army from my past or helping an army that plans to return for one last time. I apologize for leaving so unexpectedly but it seems all motivation in this particular army has been lost, and I’d rather not stick around doing nothing in these final weeks. I would like to personally thank Toy & Drake for letting me lead this army, and for letting me lead DW back in 2014 which really had a huge impact on my career. I wouldn’t have been the same leader or found much success later on if they had not given me that opportunity. I’d also like to thank people like Freezie66 for believing in me and working with me in 2014. He was a good mentor and taught me a lot about how armies work and how to become a relevant and dedicated figure in this community. I’ve had a lot of great times in DW/NW and it wouldn’t have been possible without them or the great troops in these armies.

Signing off for the final time,



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  1. bye then
    miss you

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