A Legacy

A former ally, a former enemy, or simply just a past troop fulfilling nostalgia. I thank you for your contributions to the Dark Warriors and Club Penguin Warfare as a whole.

Here lies the remnants of the once powerful Dark Warriors. Thousands have joined, thousands have left, but what they have learned within this army will stay with them forever. I say this not out of a cliche-feel good remark, but out of personal experience. It has been two years since my final post here, and 2 years I have developed into a full time working adult, but the memories, the people who all affected my life in such a positive manner from this army still roam deeply in my thoughts.

Club Penguin has now shut-down. Take what you have learned here, and be what you want to be in life. The Dark Warriors acted not as a Club Penguin army, but as an idea. Through constant shut-downs, the army had always come back stronger. Proving that if you want to be successful, it takes one person with ideals. With a motive. Apply this to everyday life and you will inhabit success; just as all of us have in building the Dark Warriors, and this community.

The Dark Warriors’ history was ingrained with those types of people, and here lie our archives to prove that.

We Burn The Light.