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    Welcome to the legendary Dark Warriors of Club Penguin

    On the original Club Penguin, we were ranked as one of the strongest armies in history. We were created in October 2007 by Elite 910, and we lived until 2015. We had many wars with legendary armies and had a lasting impact on the Club Penguin Community

    In December 2019, we had a comeback on the private server Club Penguin Online after 4-5 years where hosted events with hundreds and created an active community of thousands during a worldwide pandemic. This era was concluded with Adobe discontinuing support for flash player in December 2020, the engine that Club Penguin ran on.

    We are proud to have given a childhood to thousands of people over the years. We burn the light!

  • Time Machine

the road to October 10th

DW was created in October 2007. Our best years were 2010-2015. Unfortunately after that, we died for 5 years as all of our legends including myself moved on from the game. However since then, we made an unbelievable comeback with so many great memories this year.. here’s a brief overview:

December 2019 – DW returns for the first time in 5 years and in 6 days notice beats DCP in the Christmas Chaos final 

April 2020 – DW becomes the first army to defeat Pirates in CPO (March Madness) in a massive upset – an army who had 4 CPO admins leading them. Few people gave us a chance in this battle because of how hard it was to beat Pirates at the time. We also smashed our size record with 100+

May 2020 – DW becomes the #1 statistical army in the first unified army top 10 in years. 

Saturday, October 10th 2020 – DW will host the biggest reunion in army history, mixing old & new troops from all generations of armies to celebrate 13 years with an emphasis on DW vets. This will be special, considering that DW was dead for 5 years and couldn’t celebrate our 10th anniversary. Everyone from all walks of the community will be invited, whether you’re an enemy or friend. I’m aiming for this be the biggest event any army has ever had. Let’s get that 200 piece! History again! I aim to get as many legends and veterans of the army at this one to see where everybody is in life now & maybe rekindle some old friendships from years ago; seeing that we already have a lot of veterans present in the Discord.

and that will complete DW’s 2020. The other day was just thinking of how DW was dead from 2015-2020 and never even got to celebrate its 10th anniversary. In October we turn 13 years old and I want to make this run unforgettable again. I want to do it for the community. So many of you are still here since that legendary run in April-May and that shows me that I wasn’t wrong in making a return to this community 8 months ago. I remember most of you as privates and I see some of you in the high command. Incredible! Knowing that something that most people wouldn’t understand has had that type of effect on your lives truly inspires and motivates me. We are more than a penguin army. I didn’t even get to know most of you guys until I retired because 60% of my focus was on Club Penguin Army League and that’s one of my biggest regrets. I want to bring that good feeling back. I want people to come to our army and know it’s more than an army. It isn’t a chore. It’s something we come to chill and meet people whose own friendships will transcend all of this in the end.

I only do this for the love of the community. I’ve been motivated to get DW back on track since the Help Force loss in June. Unfortunately things happened; both interpersonal and army related, stuff was said & some of it was my own fault. But there’s no point talking about spilt milk. I’m more ready than I’ve ever been and I can’t wait to work with the current leaders, advisors and most importantly, the troops on building DW up again.

I’m ready to go again, let’s go guys!



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  2. Great job freezie, still waiting for October 10th 😮

  3. ;-;

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