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    Welcome to the legendary Dark Warriors of Club Penguin

    On the original Club Penguin, we were ranked as one of the strongest armies in history. We were created in October 2007 by Elite 910, and we lived until 2015. We had many wars with legendary armies and had a lasting impact on the Club Penguin Community

    In December 2019, we had a comeback on the private server Club Penguin Online after 4-5 years where hosted events with hundreds and created an active community of thousands during a worldwide pandemic. This era was concluded with Adobe discontinuing support for flash player in December 2020, the engine that Club Penguin ran on.

    We are proud to have given a childhood to thousands of people over the years. We burn the light!

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Troop Tuesdays – Baam

Hey Dark Warriors,

On this week of Troop Tuesdays we have interviewed another one of our Dark Privates in the army, Baam, who you can often find being active in chat or smashing it at Dance Contest! Keep reading for the interview!

Interviewer: So let’s start off by you telling me a bit about yourself!

Baam: Hello, my name is Baam, well that’s a nickname, anyway I’m almost 15 years old and life is going ok for me rn, I’m in 9th grade and it’s hard as you know it. My favorite hobbies and interests are playing the piano, playing video games such as idle/incrementals, obbies in roblox, simulators, and Club Penguin (yes it may be boring at times but it’s still fun), and other interests are reading webtoons, watching yt and movies, and just learning biology (yes I want to be a cardio surgeon as in the one that studies the heart and stuff). I have a dog and he’s pretty old.

Interviewer: WOW! So! Whats your favorite webtoon?

Baam: My favorite webtoon is The God of High School followed by Toaster Dude, I normally like to read webtoons and finish them before starting another and since 9th grade started I haven’t been reading too much, my next one would’ve been Freaking Romance and True Beauty.

Interviewer: Ooh those are some good ones. Do they share a genre?

Baam: GoHS is action/adventure, and oh I forgot to mention another one I read, and that is Tower of God, both of them are action/adventure and some fantasy and I prefer fantasy and action more as genres. With Toaster Dude, it’s comedy, so I read it for the “laughs”. I’m not sure with Freaking Romance and True Beauty but I think it’s either romance or drama or both which is a new genre I’m going to try out. Let’s see how it goes ahaha.

Interviewer: I like it!! You’re giving us some good suggestions! Why did you decide to join the Dark Warriors server?

Baam: With DW, I wasn’t really interested in joining a server that a random person from Anime Soul Discord advertised to me but I decided to give it a shot since it had more than a thousand members, now looking back I’m glad I did, DW is my home and main server I talk in, and it’s been pretty fun for the one month I’ve been in it, I know I may have joined HF and so and so, but I prefer DW over all. (forgive my grammar).

Interviewer: That’s really sweet! What would you say your favorite part of the server is?

Baam: My favorite part of any server is the people and community, but what makes DW server a little bit more unique than the other armies I’ve visited? The fact that you guys listen to our suggestions and answer with a valid reason and also the events are pretty cool, I’m not a big fan of tactics but I do like the Christmas Chaos one, sadly the past few days I wasn’t too well so I missed the battle between DW and DCP. Anyway, my favorite part besides the community is the one-week themed-events because those are quite well planned and fun. I have one suggestion that might make DW really good is that the members can host a mini-tournament or staff can host one, like back when I was in HF 2 weeks ago or so, Comedy had a Dance Contest mini-tournament for fun and that was really interesting. I hope DW can have one like that too !!

Interviewer: Oooh that’s a great suggestion! I’m glad you like the community and themed weeks!What’s your favorite themed week so far?

Baam: I’ve only been to two, and I would say I liked both but I’m not a Harry Potter fan sadly, though I do like magic-themed stuff. It’s just that Harry Potter doesn’t give me the same vibe as magic animes such as The Misfit from Demon Academy, The Irregular of Magic High School (totally forgot the name), and The Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor. So my answer for this one would be the Halloween-themed week, even though I joined the server near the end. It was then that I got introduced to Dance Contest because it was an event for that week, but I missed my turn by playing a random mini-game upstairs that I forget the name of. It was that day that I first made my CP account and yea I kinda was exploring haha

Interviewer: That’s a really sweet story! Did you at least get the chance to play Dance Contest?

Baam: Well that day I didn’t, but that day I saw the score of Indigo as I have already mentioned it, and it was that day I grinded nonstop for 4-ish hours DM-ing some staff and members with my scores (ofc because I was excited). My first friend in DW server was Caramel (not the point but well friendship comes first).

Interviewer: Of course! So indigo’s high score inspired to grind and get a high score too!?

Baam: Yes, Indigo’s high score that day in Epic Win Hard Mode was sub 5k, and then towards the end of the day I got 21k on Epic Win Hard Mode. I’ve stopped playing Dance Contest because it’s always the same thing but if anyone wants to challenge me I’m ready for it (oh and also PCO, I missed the semi-finals against Vikings, so it’s a 3rd place battle. Sucks to be sorta-sick and sleeping 15 hours each day. Almost messed up my sleeping schedule to be 3 am to 3 pm instead of 11 pm to 9 am).

Interviewer: That’s crazy Baam! I’ve heard a lot about your dance skills in the server!

Baam: Well, I believe that one of my skills is imitation or the ability to pick up something easily. It’s probably not true but some things I can pick up easily and others take me as much time as others. Rhythm games I’m not a pro at, but I’m decently enough to put me over average, when I first saw Indigo’s score on Epic Win Hard Mode in Dance Contest, I decided to try out Dance Contest for the first time, I always choose a level higher than easy to see how it is, and so I chose medium mode first then I saw it was simple enough then I chose hard mode. The jump in difficulty from medium to hard is more than the jump in difficulty from hard to expert. But I played hard mode for 4 – 5 hours on the first day I started it and that was how I got good at it. But not good enough to beat Comedy from The Help Force, she beats everyone easily in every mode and she stated her highest score in expert mode was 65k, I tried that same song in expert and got only about 7k – 10k. This shows how you need to persevere in order to get good at something. The total time I played Dance Contest was around 17 hours accumulative over a span of 2 weeks. I don’t think of myself as the best but I know I’m better than average, and so my nickname “Baam the Flexer” was made. It was to show my strengths, but there’s a quote I’ve always heard and it’s “never compare your strengths to other people’s weaknesses”. And that is an important lesson to know, if you want to be good at something always persevere, and never compare your strengths to other people’s weaknesses for that they could compare their strengths to your weaknesses. It’s basically the Golden Rule. I would write more here but I’m afraid the space is limited so yea lol.

Interviewer: Haha don’t worry! That’s really amazing! Would you consider Dance Contest to be your favorite game?

Baam: Dance Contest is one of my favorite games but I prefer Card Jitsu over it because Card Jitsu is more like Rock-Paper-Scissors and they have 3 types of element modes, and a normal one. About my continuation to the paragraph I just wrote, rhythm games are one of my favorite genres of games along with clicker games and tower defense games.

Interviewer: Wow that’s fascinating! Anything else you’d like to add?

Baam: Maybe you would like to learn more about my music skills? (not really but still music)

Interviewer: Sure! That sounds great!

Baam: Ok my music skills aren’t really that impressive but I’ve been learning piano for almost 7.5 years now and my skills are glissandos, ornaments, and improvising my own song (I’ve recorded some of them but they’re on my phone sadly). I also play the clarinet for about 3.5 years (kinda good at it kinda bad at it but yk it’s fine). I played piano in the vc two days ago on Friday, you can ask glo glo or the other people that listened to it, if you want to know what they thought of it. I might do more in the future but first things first, homework

Interviewer: I’ll make sure to stop in when you’re playing! That’s really impressive!

It was an honor to be able to interview Baam! Whenever you see him in VC make sure to stop by to listen to so music! Don’t forget to comment down below which troop YOU would like to see interviewed next!

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