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Regarding Today’s Battles


We have two battles today, but they both require everyone to be on our chatbox for advanced orders. We need at least 30 penguins to report to the battlefield for both of them. Promotions will be given out, be sure you can attend.

Club Penguin Lays Off 28 More Employees

Hey Night Warriors,

Fog, Club Penguin NWNC HQ~

Less than a year after laying off more than 60 employees, Club Penguin has decided to let go of 28 more. The same way that happens when we lost Polo Field, and due to the layoffs, we’ve lost fourmore of Club Penguin’s bloggers: Daffodaily5 from the English blog, Karlapop321 from the Spanish blog, Koa Koralle from the German blog, and Loustik005 from the French blog last year ago, and now this. 

The 28 figure is confirmed, however according to Castanet, a news website for Kelowna and the surrounding areas, a source told them that 28 is the exact number. The article also mentions that it’s possible that more employees will be let go from the California office, as the 28 employees let go on Friday are all from Canada.

Another news website, TechVibes, has a bit more information, albeit unconfirmed. It says that employees from different sections such as QA, programming, and even the art team were let go.

While I’m skeptical about their source of this information, the TechVibes article also states that the employees were let go as Club Penguin no longer needs many people from their 2D team as they are moving towards the 3D version of Club Penguin, which we know as Project Super Secret. The article also goes as far as claiming that PSS will be mobile only. Of course, this is all unconfirmed, and thus I suggest treating it with scepticism for the time begin.

Bye for now,

Kyle103 NWNC Creator

NWNC: What Is Herbert’s Next Plan?

 photo shCfqdG_zpsdqvybzpf.png

Greetings Night Warriors,

On February 12th, we logged onto Club Penguin to see a laser dance party at Snow Forts! We still don’t have an explanation on why Herbert would have a laser dance party since he hates penguins and loud noises. I decided to ask the troops what they think Herbert’s next evil plan will be.

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DWNC: Club Penguine 10th anniversary Party


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DWNC: Tricky Tactics [EVENT GUIDE pt. 2]


DW Battle HQ | I’ve seen lately that some Dark Warriors sometimes have a hard time doing certain emotes, tactics, and formations, so I decided to make a three part guide that will probably come in handy in future battles!


Tactics, in general, are a combination of emotes and words/sayings done in a certain way. Tactics are how we battle, and depending on how well we do tactics, we can beat the other army!


Emotes & Word Tactics

For emotes, I made a special post just for that type of tactic. If you want to view that guide, click on the link below!

>>>Click here to view EVENT GUIDE pt. 1 about Emotes!<<<

One thing I forgot about emotes is the rainbow tactic. This means that you can do any emote you want, so it will be different colors. This is why it is called the rainbow tactic.

Word tactics are basically things that you say on Club Penguin. You type in what the leaders want you to type in, and then you enter the word. In DW, we mostly use either insults to our opponents, or our army’s mottos.


  • Dark Warriors Forever (motto)
  • BURN THE LIGHT (motto)
  • TANK (motto)
  • SMALL FRY (insult)
  • WHY SO SMALL? (insult)

As for word tactics, you can also press certain buttons on the keyboard to say certain things:

H = “Hello”

Y = “Yes”

N = “No”

B = “Goodbye”

J = A Random Joke (you don’t actually say this)

Another type of tactic is throwing snowballs. When leaders say “OPEN FIRE!”, then throw snowballs at the enemy! A trick to throw snowballs really fast without having to click on the button is to hold “T” (the letter on the keyboard), aim, and fire again and again.

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DWNC: Aunt Arctic Visiting This Month for the 2015 Festival of Snow

Hey Dark Warriors,

Frosty, Club Penguin DWNC HQ~

Remember how last month Megg said that we can submit our drawings for ice sculptures that will be available in Club Penguin this month? It’s not a Snow Sculpture Showcase that Club Penguin is having – it’s a Festival of Snow! Not only that, but Aunt Arctic will be waddling around during the event.

This information was revealed on a page on Disney’s Club Penguin FAQ. Check it out:


There may be an advertisement for the Festival of Snow during this party of 2015. Right now im showing you the past history that Club Penguin has done for the party in 2007;

Advertisement for the Festival of Snow back in 2007:


Bye for now,

~Kyle103 Third In Command and DWNC Director