Club Penguin Lays Off 28 More Employees

Hey Night Warriors,

Fog, Club Penguin NWNC HQ~

Less than a year after laying off more than 60 employees, Club Penguin has decided to let go of 28 more. The same way that happens when we lost Polo Field, and due to the layoffs, we’ve lost fourmore of Club Penguin’s bloggers: Daffodaily5 from the English blog, Karlapop321 from the Spanish blog, Koa Koralle from the German blog, and Loustik005 from the French blog last year ago, and now this. 

The 28 figure is confirmed, however according to Castanet, a news website for Kelowna and the surrounding areas, a source told them that 28 is the exact number. The article also mentions that it’s possible that more employees will be let go from the California office, as the 28 employees let go on Friday are all from Canada.

Another news website, TechVibes, has a bit more information, albeit unconfirmed. It says that employees from different sections such as QA, programming, and even the art team were let go.

While I’m skeptical about their source of this information, the TechVibes article also states that the employees were let go as Club Penguin no longer needs many people from their 2D team as they are moving towards the 3D version of Club Penguin, which we know as Project Super Secret. The article also goes as far as claiming that PSS will be mobile only. Of course, this is all unconfirmed, and thus I suggest treating it with scepticism for the time begin.

Bye for now,

Kyle103 NWNC Creator


NWNC: What Is Herbert’s Next Plan?

 photo shCfqdG_zpsdqvybzpf.png

Greetings Night Warriors,

On February 12th, we logged onto Club Penguin to see a laser dance party at Snow Forts! We still don’t have an explanation on why Herbert would have a laser dance party since he hates penguins and loud noises. I decided to ask the troops what they think Herbert’s next evil plan will be.

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DWNC: Club Penguine 10th anniversary Party


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Return Of DWNC

Hello Dark Warriors,

Today i have decided to bring back DWNC so I am hiring reporters if anyone of you is interested in joining comment below. DWNC is Dark Warriors News Central, there will be CP and DW news posted. Reporters will have to write medium-lenght posts once a week, which should contain good amount of information about the topic. A post shouldn’t have many writing and grammar errors.

To sign up comment below using this form (You need WordPress Account):


Will you be able to post at least once a week?

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DWNC: Ultimate Guide

Hey Dark Warriors! Recently, due to mass recruiting efforts, we’ve had lots of new recruits. This post is especially for you!

Over the time I rejoined DW this summer, I wrote many guides that I hope will help not only new recruits but also current DW troops who don’t know as much as DW veterans know. So please click on any link you’d like to read any of my guides. Also, I enclosed CPAC’s (CP Army Central, CP Army news) guide to Club Penguin Armies and some guides by other authors that you may find useful!


Event Guide:

DWNC: Tricky Emotes [EVENT GUIDE pt. 1] by Agt R

DWNC: Tricky Tactics [EVENT GUIDE pt. 2] by Agt R

DWNC: Tricky Formations [EVENT GUIDE pt. 3] by Agt R


DW Chat Guide:

DWNC: New Recruits Chat Guide! by Agt R

DWNC: Current DW Troop Chat Guide by Agt R


Autotyping/Recruiting Guides:

How To Autotype/Recruit … by Xxtoysoldier

Recruiting – Explained by Sammie


DWNC Posting Guide:

DWNC: Posting Guidelines by Simi


General CP Army Guide:

CPAC’s CP Army Guidebook by CPAC

Happy reading,

~Agt R

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DWNC: Current DW Troop Chat Guide

Frosty, DW Chat Pool | If you remember from last time I wrote a guide post, I wrote a post about DW chat for new recruits. But what about a chat guide for current DW troops? Well, here’s the guide that you’re looking for!

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DWNC: The Bots




For 2 times in a row now, bots have raided our events. For a while we knew of the botter (if that’s a word) as “camelogical.” But I, along with the rest of the DW community, have finally out that the perpetrator was indeed the infamous Waterkid. For those of you who are new recruits, Waterkid is from LT (Light Troops) who are our arch enemies. He is not only a menace to DW, but also to various other armies. He commanded these bots to raid all of our events, and he is most likely spying on our chat as a null (otherwise he wouldn’t know our whereabouts during events). We have tried different tactics to shield ourselves from spies, but alas, it is not enough to stop Waterkid’s scheme.

But what we must remember, is that we are Dark Warriors.

We do not back down from a fight for justice. We do not let our enemies terrorize Club Penguin or our fellow CP army allies. We will not let bots to stop us from doing the right thing, even if it’s hard. We most certainly do not yield or cower in terror of someone who uses bots who have intestinal problems (they toot all over the place). Even if it is not Waterkid who is behind these attacks, we will not let the villain have the last laugh. We will fight to the end, and we will be victorious as we always have been.

Sure, realistically there will be ups and downs. But if we have faith in ourselves and our comrades, if we follow our leaders, if we keep on marching no matter what, in the end, DW will be triumphant.

And now I will end with the Dark Warrior’s Creed, written by Simi, which is a reminder of who we are:

The Dark Warrior’s Creed

I am a CP Dark Warrior

I am a fighter

I have answered my army’s call

I am a CP Dark Warrior

My mission is to strike, fight, and win

I am part of a proud history

A tradition of pride

And a legacy of strength

I am a CP Dark Warrior

Guardian of freedom and justice

My army’s sword and shield

It’s protector and avenger

I defend my army with my bravery

I am a CP Dark Warrior

Wingman, friend, leader

I will never forget my comrade

I will never give up

And I will not fail