Use this chat for battle orders and to chat with your fellow NW soldiers!

Welcome to the official Night Warriors chat room. This chat is moderated by people who are part of the NW staff, so don’t worry. If there is a person who decides to break rules, they will be banned immediately. Make sure to come here daily and use this chat for battle orders and directions.

It’s important you listen to the leaders of NW! The current leaders are Xxtoysoldier, Drake8893, SH, Taco, and Badboy.



83 Responses

  1. Smoke weed everyday.

    • smoke weed FTW

        Unless your doctor prescribes it.

    • Never

    • what

    • cant make battle

    • if you believe that weed can fix a broken life your wrong. take an ecstasy it makes you feel much better

    • NO!

  2. If you see this comment “Food rulezzzzz!!!!!!”

  3. go dark warriors

    • we did a great job

        Toy edit: Huh? I don’t get it. We’re not a copy of CP, we’re a group that plays CP.

  4. I CAME

  5. I am active I want to stay with DW

    • I was at today’s event and I will go to every event I can

    • Hey I did the join form thing but I’m not sure if I am now truly a part of nw. Do u know?



  8. i attended the battle

    • um…….. hi

  9. whats the darkness warrior uniform?

    • it is on the our uniforms page which is on the right. If you can’t find it wear back during battles.

      • tell me if you find it. and by the right I mean the right of the chat

      • you mean black?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • anything black

  10. the count down for this is wrong the battle is at snow bank but it is at the time the count down says

  11. fire anything black all black

  12. Why did I get banned forever? D: how?

    • its supernihi do u remember me? Im not really oli. I was jk.

  13. usijak man come on

    • it’s been three hours you guys banned the wrong person </3

  14. anyone

  15. RIP DW

  16. I think I’m gonna get in a few hours… They said they’d except me signing up today!

  17. uhhhhhhh I don’t see any chat ;-;

  18. we are doing the battle today right
    nobody’s on mammoth

  19. is xat down or something???

  20. i made an application like weeks back

    no reply bruhhhh why ???

  21. letss gooo

  22. How do we get added into the ranks?

  23. how to

  24. i like turtes

  25. When will i get into ranks if I just answered the questions a few days ago ?

  26. When will i get into ranks if I just answered the questions a few days ago ? My CP name is Naruto890PPP

  27. am i banned? if so , im so sorry , please take me back , i dint do anything wrong

  28. i joined awesome

    • :d

  29. where is round 3 going to be?

  30. I’m a platypus

  31. i m not able to find my name

  32. hi

  33. Y’all so lame it’s fricking club penguin get a life

  34. hi im new

  35. anyone online?

  36. plz dont swear

    • thank you ! yes no one should be swearing !!!!!!

    • Yes pls DONT swear.Its not nice and people might think your swearing at then so it is a big NO NO!

      • Them i mean

  37. if u dont know what swearing is this is swearing

  38. #### #### ####### all those things

  39. I like pie.

  40. Calbel,im waiting

  41. i’m new too the NW’s

  42. ima square ya

  43. im new
    and im creative

    • anyone here? hello?

  44. battle TODAY 😀

  45. when is the NEXT battle tho

  46. why is there so much drama in the chat lmao

  47. aw shit, we have the same pic

  48. You need to get a life and stop wanking over club penguin

  49. lol bitch stfu

  50. Guys I thought the night warriors disbaned a long time ago

  51. I was apart of the old night warriors I dont remember what generation but I thought they disbanned but it is great to see that the night warriors live on

  52. i think i might move the date to sep-8-17 if NW aint loyal enough still
    -MIke30307 P.S I still go to mikebots everyday.

  53. hi

  54. Can you unban me?

  55. fk sorry i coundnt come i had to go somewhere

  56. ;-;

  57. i was banned. i did a little prank and it went overboard. Im supernihi… not Oli

  58. wwfjirjfroifjoir

    • kjdaslk

  59. We’re Back!

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