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    Welcome to the legendary Dark Warriors of Club Penguin

    On the original Club Penguin, we were ranked as one of the strongest armies in history. We were created in October 2007 by Elite 910, and we lived until 2015. We had many wars with legendary armies and had a lasting impact on the Club Penguin Community

    In December 2019, we had a comeback on the private server Club Penguin Online after 4-5 years where hosted events with hundreds and created an active community of thousands during a worldwide pandemic. This era was concluded with Adobe discontinuing support for flash player in December 2020, the engine that Club Penguin ran on.

    We are proud to have given a childhood to thousands of people over the years. We burn the light!

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What’s this? Is Spotty finally retiring as an army leader?

Hey Warriors!

My decision to retire was spotty at first but ultimately I decided that it’s time. (Credit to Orange for the pun). This post has definitely been a long time coming… give or take a year. And I cannot believe I’ve actually finally written this post.

A post regarding the future of Dark Warriors will be posted sometime this week.

As you can see Ayan has told me many times throughout these past few years, ‘I don’t think I’ll be alive to see you retiring.’ I do admit that even myself, I’ve lost count at how many times I’ve mentioned wanting to retire during my time here. 
Well, Ayan after me going on about it for over a year, you finally won’t have to hear me mention the words ‘I want to retire’ ever again…

After an amazing six months in Dark Warriors, over a year in Help Force and over two years in the army community, I am finally stepping down as an army leader. (I’ll still be in the community I just won’t lead anymore).

As most of you know, my time in this community certainly hasn’t been quiet… When I joined CP Rewritten in December 2017, and then CP Online in February 2018, I did not expect to stay in this community for so long, and meet so many amazing, positive and loyal people along the way. I’ve genuinely lost count how many long-term friends I’ve made. 

Help Force & CPO

My journey in the army community itself didn’t really start until Autumn 2018, when I re-joined Help Force as a troop and shortly after became a moderator. A month into being staff for Help Force, Ayan promoted me to leader. Well let’s just say my first week as leader wasn’t exactly drama free. Lol sorry Ayan.  I remember the first time I ever led a battle; it was against the Light Troops in early 2019, I was informed a few hours before I was leading it, and I was absolutely clueless on what to do. Now I don’t even think twice about leading, it’s become like second nature to me now. I guess you don’t really notice how much you‘ve learnt until you look back on it

I’d say my time in the community really started to look up when the Triads were made consisting of me, Elp and Ayan. I know we argued a lot during our time together, but I genuinely think they’re the two people I’ve enjoyed working with the most in armies. Working with you both made me enjoy being in armies, we worked as a team. We helped Help Force grow maxing from 20-25 to 50+ most events. 

My favourite moment of 2019 has to be the Summer Bash finals. With Help Force going against Pirates in the finals. Watching our continuous hype pay off with a max of 70+ and winning 2 out of the 3 rooms. 

Watching Epic try to claim victory after the community agreeing it was a Help Force win, was just amusing tbh. That’s certainly the one thing I don’t miss is CPOAL with Epic. Having to argue with him most days about things that were common sense, how the league was just focused on his army. It was just so draining, and it just made me become bored and tired of the community itself.

Then came round to my original retirement date, September, which obviously went down the drain.  With both Ayan and Elp now retired, I became Help Force’s main leader. Our maxes were constantly increasing, and I had new leadership team consisting of Lottie and Tistle. During that time, my most favourite army event happened, our Candy Corn Takeover, where we had a sudden increase of max to 88. https://cphelpforce.com/2019/10/candy-takeover-big-success/ 
The excitement that day when we kept counting the max, was just like something else. It made me glad that I didn’t retire, I got to experience such an amazing event which was because of the hard work we all put into the army. 

Winter 2019, where do I even start…? I woke up one morning to Epic having announced I was going to be the new admin of CPOAL. That was definitely a shock I wasn’t expecting, that only lasted like one month. With some issues within our Help Force Spanish community, I just lost interest in staying within the CPO community. I discussed this with Ayan and I announced that Help Force was to close. However, when we saw that Epic was planning to just remake it, we spoke and agreed we would move to CPR. #Hexit

Being on CPR was 100% different to being on CPO. Having to relearn all the basics again. The whole vibe changed; armies were a different place. January/ February was a blur tbh, so much happened in such a short time, I cba to go into detail. This is when my journey in Dark Warriors started. 


I never thought I’d be in one army let alone two. The creation of the lounge in February with Spi & Freezie was such a breath of air. It was nice to get away from the whole army vibe after being in it for so long. This is when I got to know more DW members like Kyle, Star, Lamp and others. Vcing every day until god knows what time, being killed on n1 by Freezie every single game, to me and Lottie working for the food bot. The server helped me to get through some tough times both in real and online, and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

Then CPO closed, and this is when Spi started to dm me every single day. ‘Spotty join DW’, it took him around a month to convince me. Joining DW as a 2ic, I felt so welcome, everyone was so friendly. I was immediately accepted into DW and the Brit gang (Best Gang ily Kris, Caitlyn etc.). One of the earliest DW events I recall is the CPATG closing Ball, with Belpix’s diss track, us all dressed as cows, and Luci complaining because I ditched him, cows are the best animals, bye. 

Before I knew it, I was promoted to Leader in Training, and the love I received was surreal. (LiT gang ❤️) Dark Warriors quickly became my second online family. I loved the avatar week, leading the Fire Nation when I had no idea what it was, getting to know the staff and members more during the week. Then I became Leader, I genuinely wasn’t expecting to rank up so fast. Working with Noa, Julia and finally being able to work with Freezie, its been great. The LONG DCP war I don’t think I’ll forget that in a hurry, neither the WV war. BIA gang I’ve loved hanging out with you all and reading all of the wild conversations you have. RIP BIA Among US….

I’ve loved every single minute of my six months in Dark Warriors from our 2-hour LOVELY meetings, Among Us and Town of Salem sessions, the weird and wacky takeovers, themed weeks and me always asking for a new boyfriend.  

I’ve met so many amazing people during my time in the community as a leader. I’d feel so bad if I missed anyone out so its probably best, I don’t do shout outs… For real though, some of you I’ve known for over a year, I literally love every one of you no matter how long I’ve known you.

Ok so yeah this is long, and if you reached the end then LOL congrats, you’re defo one of few. I could’ve written a lot more, but this is already long as it is…
I’ll still be around in the DW server and in the community, judging the odd battle, and just hanging out, please feel free to dm me. 
But (hopefully), my time as an army leader is now over…

Spotty ❤️

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